The Web's BEST Free Stuff for the Graphic Design-savvy

Since I get asked for this kind of stuff everyday, I thought it would be a good idea to finally weed through my lists of links and come up with a concise list for the resources & design elements I need to use on an almost daily basis. If you'd like the full list of my design resources, you can download it here. Enjoy!

1 | Stock Imagery

Hands down, the best free collection of user-uploaded photos. A wide variety of imagery is available and new photos are uploaded every day.

A variety free imagery. Selection is limited compared to similar sites, but no registration is required to download photos.

A search engine for free stock photos. Searches large free photo resource sites like Flickr, Stock.XCHNG, imageafter and freerangestock. You may run into non-working links to images.

2 | Web & Interactive

Flash Village
A beautiful collection of high-quality flash animations appropriate for website layouts, and flash website templates.

Flash animations and website templates

Not many templates here, but the few included are well-designed and easily modified. HTML & Photoshop files are included.

3 | Photoshop Brushes

An impressive collection of brushes. The most useful for me has been the cloud brush. Great for anyone who need to modify sky images on a regular basis.

A variety of different brushes. Subscribe to the RSS feed to get updated when new brushes are added.

Lovely Trash
A variety of abstract and floral brushes.

4 | Vector

A mind-blowing collection of free vector files for major logos & brands, such as Ford, VW, M&Ms, etc. This site also offers other random imagery and vector graphics, so make sure to check out the different links.

Web Design Blog
This blog includes a constantly updated selection of high-quality free vector imagery

A useful, but limited selection of free vector graphics.

5 | Misc.

Veer Wallpaper
Wallpaper with image sizes ranging from 320x480 for the iPhone, up to 1920x1200 for large monitors.

User-designed templates for Myspace, Friendster, Xanga, Blogger, Wordpress & Moveabletype

A HUGE collection of free fonts for PC & Mac.

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