3 Resources for FREE Freely Redistributable Photos

While developing some templates for sale a while ago, I realized it was nearly impossible to find quality images that were inexpensive and freely redistributable. If you’re a decent photographer, you can just take photos yourself, but the photos I was looking for required people in specific situations or objects I didn’t have, and I had next-to-no-budget for stock imagery, not to mention the added cost of a license for redistribution.

After a little digging, I found the sites below had the best options.

All of the photos I have come across on this site have been freely redistributable. There is a great selection of people, object and environment photos, ideal for use in templates.  


Most of the photos here are freely redistributable. Be sure to check the license on each image before using -- some images require attribution, some are public domain. This is a great resource if you are looking for photos of a specific location or famous person.

The photos of people on this site aren't that great, but you can find a good selection of objects, landscapes and textures here.

Unsplash is fairly new website that posts new photos every 10 days to use however you like. At this point, I’m not sure if the library of photos will build over time, or if old photos are replaced with new photos each week, which is why I didn’t include it in the count for the title of this post.

The photos on this site are extremely modern and well-styled, but random. It’s a great resource to use in order to build a small library of quality photos.





Wallpaper for Renters | 2013 Update

The 3 Best Places to buy Removable Wallpaper
My original post is in need of an update since there are more options available now than ever. So, here we go…

Sherwin Williams still offers the EasyChange wallpapers, which are easily removed. They adhere like contact paper and are able to be removed without damaging your wall. Ok, honestly all of these options are really are just contact paper… only cooler.

Christel EasyChange  $29.24/roll

Urban Outfitters also offers great removable wallpapers. Make sure to check for the product image showing a hand unrolling the wallpaper roll – this is UO’s way of showing that it’s the removable kind.This site also has the traditional pre-pasted and unpasted wallpapers mixed in their offerings.

The Marrakesh Honey, Zee (Chevron), and Damsel Wallpapers are both examples of the removable options currently on the site, all $98/roll. If you're not in a hurry, I'd recommend waiting a bit for a sale. Select wallpapers go on sale intermittently for only $69/roll. 

Chasing Paper has a great selection of clean, modern designs in removable wallpaper. This site shows you other uses for the wallpaper, and is available only in 2'x4' panels for you to use for projects that don’t require rolls and rolls of paper. At only $25 per panel, this is the most affordable option if you just want to cover a tabletop or use the panel as an art piece.

 Hope this helps you transform your space into a place you love! 




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